Sunday, December 29, 2013

You'll look so good in purple and pink!

I went to work for an older lady that made dresses and bras I ask what she want me to do I need you to wear this dress so I can sew the hum I ask you want me to wear it yes I told her she hand me a pair of panties to put on then a bra and the dress once I was dress I felt like a girl in her first new dress she saw this I see you like this dress I said yes it nice and soft I said as a joke to bad men cannot wear a dress I do anything to wear one she smile at me well if help me out with this dress I make you a dress but you have to wear the dress at work I told her yes well after a few month I had four dresses and a few bras and panties I even wear my panties and bra all the time then one day she told me I want to see your breasts I take my bra off she look at my breasts your breasts have grown out a bit I said yes they have then she hand me a black lace push up bra it show I have cleavage she show me a mirror do my girl like her new breasts I said yes then she put her hand on them and pinch my nipples then she put a dress on me and it show I look like a girl well then she told me you are now my sissy bitch and slave you will be hire out to other lady as there maid I have one lady coming to-day to train you how to please female and male well it toke a month and I become a slave.